Friday, January 18, 2008

Oooo ! Get Shorty !

Cruise Missile !

Well, we all heard about it and most of us have probably seen it, but here it is (hopefully still) in all it's glory. Tom Cruise is, apparently, extolling the virtues of the wacky cult of Scientology. I say apparently because it's really hard to understand just what in the Dickens he's banging on about in between all the maniacal laughter and religious psychobabble.

Now Scientology, if you didn't know, is the religion of choice for people who looked into Catholicism and thought 'you know, it's not quite insane enough for me'. It was created by piss-poor sci-fi writer and compulsive liar L. Ron Hubbard - I assume the L stands for Liar ? - back in the 1950's as a way of making, well, money obviously, probably a hang-up from his childhood after the time his mother went to the cupboard and found it bare.

Now I'm no lover or Religion or Tom Cruise, to be honest, and I'm all for pointjng out how stupid, pointless and sometimes downright dangerous they are (Religions not Cruise, he's too much of a short-arse to be really dangerous) but there's sometimes, very rarely I'll admit, a glimmer of something that makes you understand how others may have been suckered into believing this twaddle. But not Scientology. No way. It's starts bad and very quickly plummets into the depths of insanity and never recovers. Much like Cruise in this video.

Don't believe me ? Check out the link for yourself then go and take a stress test !