Monday, March 31, 2008


No sooner was Geert Wilders anti-Islamic film, Fitna, released than hundreds of Muslims proved him right, by taking to the streets with placards demanding the death of the film maker.

As these "men of peace" danced around Jakarta demanding the death of a man over a 15 minute film you know they'll never see, the dutch were out in force apologising to those demanding death and explaining that not all Muslims were extremists. Just the ones they were apologising to.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bad Phorm, Old Bean.

Is this just a Phorm in a tea-cup ?

"I say old bean, would you mind awfully if I sold off your personal web browsing habits to a content specific advertising agency ?" asked Mr Phorm.

"What ?" I replied, wondering if I'd heard the gentleman correctly.

"Your browsing habits dear chap. I'd like to flog them onto advertisers who'll then bombard you with adverts who's content will be depend on what web sites you've been browsing." answered Mr Phorm, looking a little less self assured as I peer intently at him.

I pondered this for a second. Had I miss heard?

"Why would I want that ? I spend way too much time on porn torrent sites, downloading stuff I couldn't afford, so presumably I'll be getting content specific advertisements for porn DVDs. DVDs, I might add, that I can either not afford or already own ripped copies of."

I saw Mr Phorm squirm at this point, beads of sweat forming on his head as he mentally looked for an "out" of this conversation.

Adjusting his bowler, Mr Phorm continued ; "Well, it's a little more complicated than that Sir, plus it'll not interfere with your web experience . . . "

"It already has, Mr Phorm." I countered, moving fluidly inside Mr Phorms guard before he was even aware an attack had occurred. I struck immediately with Tsuki, stunning Mr Phorms, and as his hands raised instinctively I moved effortlessly into Sankyo, twisting his wrist and forcing him to cry out in agony. Using all his forward momentum I spun him a full semi-circle before smashing him, headlong, into the hard surface of my desk.

I released Mr Phorms and watch him slide to the floor, his face bloodied and tearful.

"Do you know what they call that, Mr Phorms ?" I enquired, looking at my fallen opponent with disdain.

"No." He croaked, staring up at me, bloodied and beaten.

"Denial Of Service, Mr Phorms, Denial Of Service."

Friday, March 21, 2008

Shut The Fuck Up

Brown criticised over embryo bill

The leader of the Catholic church in Scotland has urged Gordon Brown to rethink "monstrous" plans to allow hybrid human-animal embryos.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien will use his Easter Sunday sermon to launch a scathing attack on over the government's controversial proposals.

He will also call on the prime minister to allow Labour MPs a free vote on the issue at Westminster.

Mr Brown has said the bill would improve research into many illnesses.

Supporters of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill believe hybrid embryos could lead to cures for diseases including multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease.

Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday, Mr Brown said: "This is an important Bill that improves the facilities for research and is vital for dealing with life-threatening diseases."

But in his sermon, which was released on Friday, Cardinal O'Brien claims that the Bill would lead to the endorsement of experiments of "Frankenstein proportion".

He will say: "This Bill represents a monstrous attack on human rights, human dignity and human life."

Ok. We'll deal with the irony here first. A Catholic priest complaining about infringements on human rights. That's right. A Catholic priest complaining about infringements on human rights.

Got that ? Good.

Right let's move on.

The thing that really grates is just what the fuck makes this crazily dressed dolt think that the scientific community, one that his "organisation" has ignored or dismissed for centuries, would have any interest in what he says ? I mean the pope has only recently gotten around to admitting that Gallelio was right, so why on earth would the Cardinal feel competent to leap into a debate on a subject he is not qualified to comment on ?

Sheer fucking arrogance, that's why.

Gordon Brown should have his secretary write back to the dolt asking exactly what scientific qualifications this deluded loon has and what scientific reasons there are for halting such ground-breaking and vital research. If the answer comes back, and I suspect it will, filled with religious rhetoric and fawning morality,but no actual science, he should be told, quite succiently, to "SHUT THE FUCK UP".

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Even If I Do Say Jehovah ?

Yet another nail has been hammered into the coffin that carries the long deceased corpse of British Blasphemy Law, this time, ironically, it has been done by Christian Voices' very own Stephen "Dog Shit" Green !

With his relentless pursuit of Jerry Springer - The Opera, for daring to put on a play about Jebus, it would appear that the powers that be, or in this case the Law Lords, had finally had enough of this giant fucking douche and have agreed to amendment 144B of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill, which waves goodbye to the Blasphemy Law.

I'm fucking loving this, all we need to round things off is for the British Press to grow some balls and print up those Mohammed cartoons.