Friday, September 14, 2012

Rational Response

A US film has recently been released which shows Islam in a less than favourable light, I'm not sure there's too much choice in how it can be shown so lets take a look at how it adherents are aiming to dispel these untruths and slanderous lies.

UK, London - US & Israeli flags burnt outside US Embassy.
Netherlands, Amsterdam - US Consulate & two schools closed due to planned protests.
Libya, Tripoli - US Ambassador & 3 US citizens killed.
Tunisia - American school burnt.
Egypt, Cairo - Tear gas used on protesters attempting to storm US Embassy.
Lebanon, Tripoli - KFC restaurant burnt to ground.
Iraq, Baghdad - Protesters chanting "Death to America"
Yemen, Sanaa - Protesters US Embassy stormed by protesters & set alight.
Afghanistan, Jalalabad - Afghans gather to chant "Death to America"
Kashmir - Over fifteen thousand protesters gather in a dozen locations to call Obama a terrorist.

Well, you cant argue with logic like that.

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